Drug Test using MDMA Test Kits

MDMA is also called ecstasy, which is popular among teens and peers. It is a recreational substance that amplifies energy levels when consumed in recommended amounts that are generally used at parties, nightclubs, music festivals, and others. It is extensively used in different countries by teens and peers, despite the illegal nature of the drug, which potentially harms consumers’ brain cells. One of the main concerns of people who consume MDMA is its purity. Therefore, many people are often interested in checking the purity of the drug before consuming it. Hence, different types of tests are available in the market to check the purity of MDMA.

If people do not have access to drug testing clinics or checking booths at music festivals and concerts, they often use handy MDMA test kits. These kits mainly consist of reagents that change color in the presence or absence of the substance.

MDMA Test Kits

One of the most popular kits for testing MDMA is the Marquis Reagent kit, which is widely used in Europe and the United States. The process of testing the presence of MDMA is straightforward and instantly provides results about the presence and purity of MDMA. It includes a small reagent bottle that changes color in the presence of the substance by reacting with it instantaneously. It also provides some information about the sample’s purity.

MDMA Test Kits

Another popular test kit to check the presence and purity of MDMA is the EZ test kit. It is similar to the Marquis reagent but includes a test chart that accurately proves the purity of the MDMA samples. The purity of MDMA is reduced if it is adulterated with other filler substances to increase its weight. EZ test kits are also used to detect the presence of other substances in drugs, like MDMA and Molly.

Equipment needed

Here is the equipment needed to test the presence and purity of MDMA

  • Testing reagents from the test kit
  • A white ceramic plate. Paper and plastic should be avoided as they can react to both materials
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton pads to clean the plate after sue
  • A small amount of the drug is to be tested. It is recommended to use about a size of a pen tip
  • Rubber gloves to prevent staining of hands from the reagent

Note: These testing reagents are corrosive and can react harshly with the skin and clothing. Hence, it is essential to take extra protection before using them.

Procedure to test MDMA using a testing kit

  • Take a clean and dry ceramic plate and place a small amount of MDMA on the plate.
  • If many substances are being tested, they should have a good gap between the reagents.
  • Take the reagent bottle and squeeze a drop of the reagent on the sample. Ensure to have a few centimeters gap between the sample and the reagent bottle
  • Leave a couple of seconds for the reagent to react.
  • Observe the color change and predict the purity and presence of MDMA using the chart provided.

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